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The eye area is a very sensitive area of the face. The epidermis is up to 4 times thinner than on the rest of the face. At this location, therefore, brown circles appear, corresponding to the accumulation of pigments, or bluish in color, linked to abnormal vascularization.
The Provins rose, or Rosa gallica, blooms from June to July. Its extract fights dark circles and sagging skin. The skin is younger, the eyes are illuminated. Sourced from made in France, its extract fights dark circles and sagging skin.

CATS EYES - Soin Contour des Yeux

  • AQUA (purified water) - GLYCERIN (vegetable glycerin) * - SODIUM HYALURONATE (wheat, corn) * - ROSA GALLICA FLOWER EXTRACT (Rose de Provins) * - SODIUM BENZOATE - CHONDRUS CRIPUS EXTRACT (algae) * - NATTO GUM (soybean) * - CITRIC ACID - POTASSIUM SORBATE

    * made from plants

  • Appliquer le roll-on directement sur le cerne en massant en faisant rouler la bille inox. Puis tapoter très légèrement du bout des doigts pour faire pénétrer le produit.
    Ne pas appliquer dans l’œil.

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