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UN AIR DE PRINTEMPS Vitamin Face Concentrate - 30 ml

  • Short nights, days that are too intense , without forgetting the pollution and the change of seasons, overwork threatens us, irritates our mood and increases our stress.

    The skin undergoes our way of life. She is attacked and shows fatigue. The complexion becomes dull and the features are drawn. To counter the effects of our lifestyle and help our skin regain a rested and radiant appearance, Aquatéal has developed this Vitamin Concentrate formulated from Kumquat de Provence. This little sun-drenched orange, rich in sugars and vitamins, gives the skin a boost to replenish and strengthen the essential functions of the skin.

    Noirmoutier marine spring water , for its part, is capable of providing essential minerals and preserves the skin's balance by remineralizing it. It helps reduce the appearance of pores. The complexion is refreshed and luminous.

    Finally, the beneficial effects of Hyaluronic Acid on hydration enrich this formula of anti-gray mine serum, delicately tinted naturally.

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